The unavoidable truth – memories fade!

Seems the travel bug has always been in my blood. Born and raised in the country side of the beautiful Upper Rhine Valley in Germany, already as a 10 year old I’ve read read books about traveling around the world. Following the advice of my mom (maybe should have followed a few others as well…), I made travel a part of my professional life.

Eventually I met my wife, a travel agent, who shares the same passion. Actually she is worse. She always wanted to live abroad, so when we had the opportunity we moved to Asia for a couple of years, .
After some years and having two kids, we decided to go back to Germany. But within a matter of weeks we received a job opportunity in the US and moved to the East Coast, where we still live.

We haven’t been big writers or photographers, never keeping travel logs or diaries. Likely, because I was blessed with a really good memory and my wife didn’t care much about it either.
But now that we get older, it seems our memories get worse and we think it might be a good idea documenting our trips or past adventures before they get lost.

So, being here at the beginning, not really knowing what we are doing, my guess is that this will be a mix of leisure, business and some day trip adventures, and the main purpose is to document this for our our family and friends.

So do not treat or judge this as professional travel advise. If you find some useful tip here, great! If you have questions, please ask.

Always Safe Travels!

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